Monero [XMR] the only double digit gainer in the Top 10

Monero [XMR] has seen a 13% increase in the past 24 hours and has more than doubled in less than a month. On Feb 6th, the price of Monero was at $151 to a token, currently, it is trading at $364 to a token with a market cap of $ 5 billion.

Monero’s growth since 6th Feb

Market Analysts believe the new hard fork of Monero, Monero V (XMV) that is expected to happen on March 14th has pushed the prices higher as all XMR users will get 10 XMV tokens per XMR token. The Monero V team feels that XMR team is “conservative” and hence technologies would take time to get implemented. They want to anonymity feature and improve the current XMR flaws.

Gillar Lewis, a Twitterati says,

“Definitely a scam, how do you expect anyone to give their private Monero keys to MoneroV, they could steal your XMR. Wait till March 14th for the fork to be done and till expecting anonymity by the XMV team is foolish. It feels like a scam, 100%”

Replying to Gillar, another Twitter follower commented,

“Not a scam, it is open source, you can download and compile it yourself. Such illiterate and uneducated people out there to spread FUD. Binaries and PGP keys also will be available”

Does the current rise in prices of Monero [XMR] when most of the markets are still in the negative indicate a strong support for the fork or is this a strong support for the XMR token which was long overdue.

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