Markets turn green – NANO the biggest gainer in the past 24 hours at 32%

NANO was the biggest gainer and seems to the new hotspot in the crypto market this weekend. Traders call this a ‘cheerful weekend’ to as the majority of the market is now green. NANO saw a whopping 32.97% gain in the past 24 hours as seen at press time.

We witnessed a week full confusions, rumors, hack attacks, and price dips. It definitely was a rocky ride throughout the week.

Falling to a disappointing $8.69 USD and exploding to a peak of $11.69 USD overnight is not an unusual sight in the market especially after this week’s roller coaster ride. In the Top 100 tokens according to marketcap only Dentacoin has gained more than Nano at 36%.

Rajas, a day trader of various cryptocurrencies stated:

“A stable coin is on our roadmap, yes. Good luck man! The listing of BTCP at Nanex also helps to initiate new users on Nano.”

NANO has a current market cap of $1.5 B USD and is traded across all major platforms. Binance, Bit-Z and Kucoin being the major platforms of exchange for this currency.


Following the BTCP listing, Nanex’s trading volume has gone up to $1,000,000 USD in the past 12 hours and does not look like slowing down. Nanex is the world’s leading NANO exchange platform which has been on the top and is growing every day. BTCP might have been the catalyst but the volume is soaring high across all markets.

BTC/NANO has majorly gained $500,000+ volume alone. Some happy NANEX customers have expressed their delight on social media:

Michael Ho, a Hedge Fund Manager says,

“This is exciting, great for the community, also did someone notice that Nanex has fees? It’s negligible.”

Another Twitterati says,

“I would like to point out that, this now makes Nanex eligible to be listed on CoinMarketCap for all the trading pairs it supports. Way to go!”

Talking about the current surge in prices, Alex Jones, a veteran day trader says,

“NANO is jumping right now, people have been calling it the ‘next big’ thing. There will be pull-back but not now, should go up by 15-20% more maybe before we expect that”

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