Litecoin [LTC] First Crypto To Regain Price Momentum and Now Leading the Top-Market

The very early morning of this weekend [10/03] can not get any more beautiful for any digital currency enthusiast when you see the coins re-taking the path of token value recovery and one of them is standing strongly above, the silver-coin Litecoin.

Mentioned in a tweet by its founder – Charlie Lee, as it is known that many direct the blame towards him when LTC/USD drops, Litecoin can be seen as the first coin to regain control and beat the bears.

Per time of writing it is trading at $191.30 with 15.30 percent gain in the last 24-hours and rocking the $10 bil market cap cementing its 5th place in the crypto-leader board. For the time being, a major hurdle would the $193-$195 area showcase as that is when the violent sell-off initiated on March 8 2018.

Source: coinmarketcap

So, for now be on the lookout if the pair LTC/USD can close successfully above the $195.00 level as it would open doors to re-test the important psychological $200.00. Very strong standing out are almost all coins as a double-digit gain can be seen in most of them – Monero 14%, NEO 10%, Nano 27.30%.

Nano in a recent tweet has been promoted very strongly by the founder of Litecoin [LTC] as he described it very successful.

Trade safely and do not overtrade!

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