John McAfee back as Senior Strategic Advisor of CryptoSecure

John McAfee is a well-known computer programmer and crypto pioneer. He is a visionary and a crypto proponent who urges true believers to stand strong against the onslaught of banks and governments. With a crazy number of more than 800K followers on Twitter, he has been influencing and inspiring a lot of seekers.

He was not seen under the media’s eye for a long time now and was not in reach to the public market after the MGT Capital Inc. tie-up with the controversial antivirus software developer.

MGT Capital Investments Inc

MGT Capital Investments Inc. operates a portfolio of cybersecurity technologies. They use advanced protective technology to address cybersecurity threats. The company had recently shifted its focus on Bitcoin mining, ending ties with its anti-virus software developer John McAfee. The company division that John was running was decided to be sold.

McAfee had announced officially that the decision was mutual and he confirmed that he will be advising CryptoSecure.

John is back, bigger and better than ever

According to a press release on Wednesday, he is joining a crypto startup that is conducting an ICO. He is appointed as the Senior Strategic Advisor of CryptoSecure. He met the CryptoSecure team in a recent Blockchain cruise conference where he was the keynote speaker. He was apprised of CryptoSecure’s military-grade hybrid Blockchain, trusted Solaris OS, One Time Pad infrastructure during a discussion on the security deficiencies of crypto tokens.


CryptoSecure is a firm that offers ‘hack-proof security solutions’ for the crypto industry. The leading developer at the startup is Key Capital Corp, a company focused on precious metal mining, cancer treatments, and fintech services. The shares of CryptoSecure trades over the counter and has surged almost by 400% after this announcement was made.

CryptoSecure welcoming note on their website says:

“Welcome to 2018, where $9 Million is lost every day to cryptocurrency scammers. Only 59 days into the year and $1.36 billion has been stolen!”

McAfee tweeted a few hours ago stating the purpose of his appointment at CryptoSecure, which is:

“Cyber attacks threaten to end cryptocurrency. Hackers now have the ability to steal from any wallet, computer or exchange. This is why I joined the Cryptosecure team where, with advanced technology, we will end this crisis. “

Jack Fernandez, a McAfee believer says:

“It is interesting to see what deliverables they bring to the market and the testing that will be involved with the claim. It would be great to have your voice in this space for years to come.”

John has been constantly tweeting on his account and one of them was about the market crash:

“The crypto community is in chaos. We forgot the reason why we came in together in the 1st place. There is more at stake than all of the pumps and dumps and all of the gold rush-like euphoria that you feel when you gain. Stay tuned, brothers and sisters. Your existence is at stake.”

A follower of John, Carlton tweeted to him helplessly:

“John please do something to sort out this crypto market. Everything is in red :-(“

To which John replied:

“If you are a long-term investor you will have no concerns. If you are short term, I can give you no advice. The only thing short-term investors can hope for is mediocrity at best, and oblivion most likely. Great wealth can only be obtained by investing in the future – 2 to 5 years.”

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