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Decentralized blockchain project IOST (IOST) has announced a partnership with blockchain cloud infrastructure platform Ankr to benefit the IOST nodes community with affordable and user-friendly node hosting solutions.

Running an IOST Node Made Easier

In a bid to foster the growth of its budding node network, IOST has inked a partnership with Ankr to tap the latter’s node-as-a-service solutions. For the uninitiated, Ankr is a leading distributed ledger technology (DLT) cloud infrastructure platform that is laying the building blocks for Web 3.0.

The team at Ankr is devoted to developing the infrastructure for deploying any blockchain node in a simple, easily-accessible, economically viable, and instant manner across the world. Ankr’s vision of making blockchain solutions accessible to everyone coincides with IOST’s commitment to expanding its global node ecosystem.

It’s worth noting that, to date, the IOST global node ecosystem has successfully attracted more than 400 nodes from across the globe. IOST and Ankr look to leverage their mutual networks and communities to not only propel the expansion of the IOST node network but also encourage the usage of Ankr’s node-as-a-service solutions.

How Does It Work?

Essentially, Ankr will mitigate all barriers that could potentially hinder users from participating in the IOST network. Per sources close to the matter, Ankr will make this achievable by deploying its services and tools to increase the ease-of-use and affordability of IOST node hosting solutions.

(Source: IOST)

Specifically, Ankr’s one-click node deployment application for IOST nodes will play a crucial role in making the IOST nodes more accessible to users. Available in its node market, Ankr’s node deployment solution is the simplest and most secure way to set up an IOST Full node instantly.

(Source: IOST)

Users participating in the IOST network can become a Service node or a Partner node by staking tokens. In return, they can start earning rewards from the IOST reward pool.

Commenting on the development, Ryan Fang, Co-founder, and CEO, Ankr, said:

It is a huge pleasure to work with such a great team of seasoned experts at IOST. Our goal is to contribute to the most promising projects in the space with our node-as-a-service solutions and for this reason, we support IOST to even further decentralize and strengthen their network.

IOST Making Huge Strides in the Industry

IOST has had a peculiarly busy first-half of 2020 which is evident from the pace of development within the IOST ecosystem. In April 2020, BTCManager reported that IOST had officially become a qualified developer of China’s national consortium chain, the blockchain-based service network (BSN).

On a recent note, IOST joined forces with one of its newest partner nodes dKargo to explore the potential of DLT in the logistics space.

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