Dash’s Telegram account hacked!

Dash recently tweeted on their Twitter handled stating their Telegram account was hacked and that any messages posted in that account could be scam. Earlier a Telegram chat administrator, Tunga had said,

“ou[r] telegram chat seems compromised[.] somebody took over my account and kicked all admins from the group[.] there is some rogue tungfa out there !!”

Lonnie, a random speculator tweeted as a response to this in a hilarious way:

“Time to change those passwords, LoL :D”

Formerly called Darkcoin/Xcoin, popular by the name Dash in the crypto market is an open source peer-peer cryptocurrency which can be used to make instant payments online or in-store. Miners are rewarded for securing the blockchain and masternodes are rewarded for validating, storing and serving the blockchain to users.

It is one of a kind organization where growth is self-funded and consensus is guaranteed. Everybody is accountable to the network. The users have the right to voice out any proposals about projects directly to the organization.

Dash now consists of 4,100 masternodes as a summary from 2014 which makes it one of the largest in the world. This directly means more secure services and more capacity. The customers can access this digital asset from any part of the world at any point in time.

They aim to provide a service that is so easy to use that even our grandparents can access in a decentralized way. It has a total market cap of $4.082bn and is traded across some giant exchanges like Huobi, HitBTC, Bitfinex with some decent volumes. Ranked 11th on coinmarketcap, it sums up to a current value of $514.37. It has been increasing in its net by an average of 14% from the past few hours.

Arwin an observer of the market also commented:

“Talk 2 the hand coz the Dashvan is not listening yo!”

It definitely looks like a tough weekend until this is sorted.

Tiffany another regular twitter user says,

“LoL, so embarrassing dashpay”

It is no surprise though with many exchanges and organizations falling victims to the now common hacker attack.

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