Cryptocurrency Website Shows Photo of Ryan Gosling as its ‘Graphic Designer’

Bogus cryptocurrencies have hit new lows with the launch of a coin that lists Canadian actor Ryan Gosling as its “graphic designer.” Although the new virtual currency MIROSKII presents a seamlessly cut-and-paste stock image of the Hollywood celebrity, the background on the other members of the team is also beginning to unravel.

Genuine Appearance

MIROSKII looks like a genuine offer of a new cryptocurrency. Touting catchphrases like “banking without bankers” and gushing about the revolutionary possibilities of digital coins, the MIROSKII website proffers a polished and clean-cut idea. Anyone doing adequate research would soon find a few flaws in the operation, however.

Principally, it labels Ryan Gosling as “Kevin Belanger,” claiming that he is an experienced “graphic designer with a clear focus on identities and illustration.”

While comment from Gosling has not been forthcoming, a furor is growing around the obvious fabrication, and few observers are still wondering if it’s a genuine offer with a bit of poetic license employed to hasten things through the printing press.

Most likely, it’s indicative of the entire project being a corrupt and fraudulent scam attempt. For many, there’s no doubt about it.

A Twitter user with the handle Emoji Nakamoto has posted a snapshot of the bogus insert, calling on MIROSKII to explain why exactly Ryan Gosling has decided to get on board, change careers and identify himself with the ICO.

Another tweeter, Jackson Palmer of Dogecoin, has also sounded the alarm in a recent post. He adds a link to a “Sorry, that page doesn’t exist” page, saying that he is jumping ahead to the only possible reality that will unfold for MIROSKII within a few hours, or days, at most.

While even a single discrepancy or, in this case, one blatant lie, is enough to scupper any credibility surrounding an ICO, it seems that Gosling is not the only one who has had his copyright infringed.

Almost everyone listed as the “team” is a mock-up falsehood, using stock images gleaned from the net.

Claus Wahlers is another Twitter user and cryptocurrency nut who has spent hours on a Google photo search matching (or mismatching) names and photos posted on the MIROSKII site. It seems absolutely everyone listed is someone else.

Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) are funding platforms for cryptocurrency projects launching a digital currency. It’s usually better from an investment point of view to get in early before global trading, hence the early sale and its appeal.

ICOs will typically raise a large amount of capital to roll the coin out as good currency, ironing out issues along the way. However, the MIROSKII ICO seems pure deceit.

A “Team” Drawn from Far and Wide

“Blockchain enthusiast” Perry Henderson is actually a realty agent from Texas. Joel Hermann, listed as the “Founder of [the] Mysterium Network” and Ben B. Rubinowitz, “huge technology fan,” is a New York lawyer.

“Mark Anderson” is Christopher Cane, an unknowingly innocent Twitter user who had his profile pic snapped by the MIROSKII crew. “Business developer Peter Roper” is actually Craig Gulledge, President of PCR oil services company.

Wahlers chimed in, saying that he is “still google-image-searching but so far all advisors/team portraits on that site are fake. Billion dollar business idea: Do this publicly, for all shitcoin websites.”

Most alarmingly, the site claims that MIROSKII has raised $833,000 so far. Whether the figure is accurate or merely another part of the bait for unsuspecting prospects remains unclear.

One thing that is clear, during the time it took to write this article, the site’s “Advisors” and “Team” tabs went dead and couldn’t be clicked through. Only a Mr “Wang” had his picture up on the homepage, possibly a suitable Asian founder of the whole shooting match.

By the time this article was completed, the entire website was down and completely inaccessible. It might not be blockchain, but the internet is pretty fast. Hello and goodbye MIROSKII.

However, using – our readers can still access a snapshot of the website.

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