Bitbns adds BCH, DOGE, DASH and SC to its trading platform

Bitbns, a cryptocurrency exchange platform started in late 2017 has started the trading of Bitcoin Cash [BCH], DOGE, DASH and Siacoin [SC] on its platform. The platform already includes coins like BTC, LTC, XMR, RPX, DBC, XLM, ETH, XRP, NEO, and GAS.

Bitbns made an official statement on Twitter stating:

Bitbns Twitter announcement

The Indian based trading platform is set to revolutionize the cryptocurrency exchange world by making transactions easier and faster for all its users. The platform is currently available only for the Indian Market and is looking forward to expanding overseas as well. The crypto-exchange platform was started in late 2017 with its top priority being, providing ease of use, customer support and security to its users in order to provide them a smooth entry in the market.

The revolutionary idea was executed by three Indians who made sure the agenda is met and users have access to an open, transparent and clear communication. The interface is designed in such a manner that the users find the operation simple and easy to use.

On coinmarketcap, Bitcoin Cash [BCH] at press time is at the 4th position, valued at $1219.79 [₹ 80,600]; DASH at 12th position, valued at $582 [₹ 39,900]; Siacoin [SC] at 33th position, valued at $0.0189 [₹ 1.31]; and DOGE at 37th position, valued at $0.004823 [₹ 0.32].

Ashish Mehta, a Bitbns user says,

“This is great man! Slowly yet steadily you guys are including the big crypto-coins on your platform. Looks like you guys are doing it right.”

Mathew Williams, a DASH user says,

“This is a good news. Hopefully, it will make a huge difference in the prices of the coins. India sure is a huge market for investment.”

There were questions raised regarding the security in Bitbns, to which, Bitbns has responded on Twitter with the following statement:

“We also have an initiative which we are planning where all such folks list (Alleged scammers) would be put on blockchain. So any new exchange or financial entity or anybody for that matter can plug into it and ensure that the users whom they are onboarding 1/n”

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