Ari Paul calls TRON [TRX] a plagiarized project

It was just a few hours ago Justin Sun’s ecstatic tweets about the increase in trade volume, the expansion to Eastern Europe with Binance, TRX the new Bitcoin was buzzing around Twitter.

Recently TRON along with Binance expanded to Malta and the trading volumes had shot up making it the most popular on Koinex trading platform.

Ari Paul, CIO of Block Tower, and one of the greatest social media cryptocurrency influencer tweeted addressing Justin Sun’s recent tweet:

“Did you mean the new filecoin or bitswap  Justin sun? I thought the TRX paper copied those. Also…Tron doesn’t actually *exist* as a network…to be the next Bitcoin you first need to produce…you know, an actual network.”

Ari was recently in the news when he commented on the Ricky and Morty situation humorously. Both Ari and Justin supported and agreed to Season 4 renewal of the show.

Ari had commented if money can be raised for ICO ideas, then surely can crowdfund the next season of Rick and Morty as well. He had announced a 0.25 ETH as an appreciation to whoever came with the best witticism or pun.

Justin also tweeted on similar lines saying TRON could help raise TRX and BTC to fund the next season and that they need not beg network for orders.

TRON [TRX], has dipped by 4.79% since yesterday and is trading at $0.044 as seen at press time. TRON is still ranked 13th in CoinMarket Cap with a market capital of $2.9 billion.

Juliet Lexus, a Justin supporter said:

“The network is literally coming out this month end, LOL! Copied? Do some research, network, 5 days and you have it… try it better next time? So, here come the haters, they hate us cause they ain’t us. Don’t you want to see Tron succeed? Why the negativity? It’s only a few months old and has accomplished so much already.”

Ari Paul replied stating:

“I suppose you mean the launch of Test Net? Google filecoin Tron plagiarism and are you confusing a testnet for the main net launch, do some research. Yeah, I am definitely a hater of pumped vaporware and plagiarism. Happy to be a hater of things that deserve hatred.”

Rikesh, an Ari follower commented on the same:

“What have they accomplished? They have no product and therefore have not accomplished anything. Hyped Shit coin. Anyway, Im done here, as said before, time puts everything on its place.”

Glen Papenburg, a Twitter user said:

“This is actually a little scary… If you look at the responses to his tweets you have people that blindly follow and congratulate him even when there is an announcement of an announcement.”


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