Cyclist’s bike flattened by semi in downtown Winnipeg road rage incident

A Winnipeg cyclist saw his ride flattened in a downtown road rage encounter with an angry truck driver Tuesday.

Eric Reder told 680 CJOB he was travelling down Smith Street when a semi driver started honking at him.

Reder said he pulled over to talk to the man, at which point the semi – which had out-of-province plates – drove over his bicycle.

“The last 100 metres before I got to the red light, I heard a big diesel rumble up behind me and I’m waiting to move over into the turning lane, and then he started honking at me,” said Reder.

“I stopped and asked him if there was something he needed to talk to me about, and at that point he had come to a stop … he popped the clutch and he drove over my bicycle.”

Reder was on the bike at the time and said he had to jump off to avoid getting hit.

“This was him being angry and using his big rig to try to get back at somebody he felt was delaying him by a few seconds at a red light.”

In a social media post about the incident, Reder said he flagged down a police cruiser, but aside from taking statements from witnesses, not much was done.

He said his bike – a vintage cruiser – will need a new wheel.

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