The 2018 Bitcoin Mining Ecosystem Saw Record Hashrates and New Devices

2018 was a crazy year in regard to the price of cryptocurrencies losing more than 80 percent of their values since they touched all-time highs. Interestingly enough, even though the prices of major digital assets plummeted, the hashrate for SHA-256 coins skyrocketed during the months of August through October. Although the hashrate has declined significantly since the price was severely […]

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75% of Bitcoin SV [BSV] hashrate is contained in 4 nodes, double-spending 0-conf transactions possible, discovers programmer

Bitcoin Satoshi’s Vision [BSV] has been in the news recently due to its inflated price growth over the past week. However, a programmer and computer security researcher is known as Reizu recently found that, among other things, it is possible to double spend a zero-confirmation transaction on the BSV chain. He also discovered that the hashrate on the network is […]

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Bitmain Approaching 51% of Network Hashrate for Bitcoin

Bitmain, the largest manufacturer of ASICs, is getting close to 51% of Bitcoin’s network hashrate as its two subordinates reached close to 42% last week. One thing that can get cryptocurrency advocates hyperventilating is the possibility of someone gaining control of a crypto’s network. Such an event occurs when an entity controls 51 percent of the network’s hashrate, the total […]

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