Binance to Launch Bitcoin-Pegged Token on Its Own Blockchain

Binance will issue a number of tokens pegged to leading cryptocurrencies on Binance Chain to boost the number of trading options on its platform. The tokens are also likely to be extended to Binance DEX, the firm’s recently launched decentralized exchange, as they create the potential to in effect move cryptos from different blockchains onto its network. The company said in […]

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Malaysia Begins Approving Crypto Exchange Registrations

Malaysia’s securities commission has begun registering cryptocurrency exchanges after it started regulating the crypto space earlier this year. The first three crypto trading platform operators have been conditionally approved and given nine months to comply with registration requirements. Meanwhile, 19 crypto exchanges have been told to cease operations. First 3 Registrants The Securities Commission Malaysia (SC) announced Tuesday that it […]

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Bitcoin [BTC]: Whales move $46 million in BTC across three prominent exchanges as price hovers below $9,000

While Bitcoin [BTC] continues to hover below $9,000 and retail investors wait to buy the dip, the whales are throwing caution to the wind. Multiple high-value transfers were witnessed across three prominent cryptocurrency exchanges, totaling over $46 million. Whale Alert, the large-scale cryptocurrency transactions aggregator, stated that the first transfer and the most significant of the lot was valued at […]

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G20 Summit in June may introduce a registry for the world’s cryptocurrency exchanges

Major economies of the world are looking forward to meeting in Japan next month and finding a middle ground on the long-running issue of cryptocurrency and crypto-exchanges. The world of cryptocurrency has often been a target for hackers, scammers, money launderers and Ponzi schemes, which is why many governments are prepared to take regulatory steps towards curbing this ‘menace’. This […]

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With volatility returning to cryptocurrency markets, being regularly updated about price changes is important if you want to be a successful trader. To take advantage of market movements, you need timely alerts and a website called can help you get them through various channels. Also read: Share Bitcoin Cash Related Shortlinks Using Website Tracks Over 5,000 Coins for […]

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0x Teams With StarkWare to Bring Speed to Decentralized Exchanges

A cryptographic solution called zero-knowledge proofs (ZKP) could help notoriously slow decentralized exchanges (DEXs) reach speeds comparable to more traditional platforms. San Francisco-based DEX startup 0x is partnering with the Israeli software-as-service company StarkWare to test a ZKP solution called StarkDEX, which can process roughly 500 transactions per second. StarkWare CEO Uri Kolodny told CoinDesk the goal is clear: “Non-custodial trading […]

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Report: Mass Withdrawals from Exchanges Could be Behind Bitcoin’s Price Rally | BTCMANAGER

Citing data from blockchain research firm TokenAnalyst, Bloomberg reported on May 15, 2019, that the current boom in the price of bitcoin (BTC) might just be the consequence of investors withdrawing their holdings from large exchanges due to renewed ambiguity surrounding their financial health. Bitfinex Tether Fiasco Could have Indirectly Pumped the Market The study by London-based blockchain research company […]

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What fork? BTC as usual in Southeast Asia

Almost two weeks have passed since the “hard fork”, one of the most significant events in recent times for the Bitcoin network. It was a partial culmination of years of fierce debate surrounding contentious network scaling attempts. Citing loss of confidence in a majority decision to reach compromise via the Segwit2x proposal, a group decided to split off from Bitcoin […]

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