Cryptocurrency and Porn Industry: Why is it a perfect match?

In the 1980s, the internet was frequently used by three types of people: government officials, university scholars, and individuals seeking adult entertainment. Keeping the mundane search history of officials and the scholars away, only one thing remains in the frame, which is the often frowned upon, yet highly sort after, the adult entertainment industry. The adult entertainment business has seen […]

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The Blockchain Industry is Developed with Women in Mind

Whether we like to admit it or not, the technology world has been under male dominance for a long time. Too long it seems. Unlike most of the other technology-based industries, blockchain is raw and unestablished. This is both a promise and a challenge for women in the industry. Blockchain technology is incredibly different from other industries because of how distinctive […]

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What is a Block Header in Bitcoin?

Bitcoin, the world that’s been on everyone’s lips the past couple of years since cryptocurrencies have reached a record-breaking adoption level. It’s the world’s most valuable and most important cryptocurrency, a marvelous invention of the human mind, and it offers us all a way to be in control of our money without letting third-parties have access to it. The reason […]

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Bitcoin Tanks By $1000

The highly volatile and unpredictable nature of Bitcon was once again on display during trading this week, as it fell down sharply from record heights within a few days. It was a dream run for Bitcoin in the first half of this week by shooting above $8000 Monday. But in the last two days it lost heavily, by around $1000. […]

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Belfast Coin: Northern Ireland’s Capital Set to Introduce its Own Cryptocurrency | BTCMANAGER

Belfast, the capital city of Northern Ireland wants to issue its own cryptocurrency as the digital currency trend continues to spread, Public Technology reports May 14, 2019. Belfast’s City Council plans to use the cryptocurrency as a way of encouraging residents to patronize local merchants and also to promote a sense of civic duty among the population. Belfast Coin: Combining […]

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Brave Browser is Pushing BAT, Challenges Lie Ahead

The digital currency space is full of diversity and innovation, and Basic Attention Token (BAT) is beginning to carve a niche for itself as a very promising, albeit unique, platform. With a very talented team and a clear vision, this once obscure cryptocurrency has seen its popularity, and market value, increase significantly over the past few months. Nevertheless, a number […]

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Blockchain Market in Italy Estimated at €15 Mln Turnover

The Italian market for cryptocurrency and blockchain technology has positive changing aspects, according to the analysis of the Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Observatory of the Politecnico di Milano. Many individuals, companies, institutions, are waiting for the blockchain opportunities, while others are trying to acquire digital trainings, knowledge and skills to compete favorably in the market. There are interesting indications on […]

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Italian blockchain startup s.r.l launched a documents blockchain called to enable safe and secure exchange of commercial documents using blockchain technology. It is a combination of traditional B2B document exchange (EDI) and blockchain. The platform is owned and operated by the companies and the people who use it. It is a federated blockchain of independent nodes, open to […]

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