XRP See’s Huge Adoption Through Woocommerce

Ripple, the team behind the XRP cryptocurrency have seen a huge boost for the adoption of XRP this week, after announcements that leading ecommerce platform ‘Woocommerce’ will see the integration of XRP, giving more users than ever before access to Ripple’s cryptocurrency.

Woocommerce is an ecommerce platform designed to work alongside WordPress, a platform designed for web design. With Woocommerce, people are able to set up their own retail site and online shop in order to sell products and services. XRP integration here could eventually mean that all online stores using Woocommerce could eventually start accepting XRP payments, this in turn is a very big deal indeed.

Woocommerce is currently a part of over 3 million online stores, so yes, the true consequence of this is that XRP could be used across 3 million online stores, meaning a lot of people could be about to start investing in XRP in order to use it as an online payment medium. Of course, it’s not quite that simple, though this is the premise of the Woocommerce integration.

This came as a result of a community funding campaign set up by XRPL Labs, founded by Wietse Wind. Wind is one of the minds behind this rollout and now has ideas for more as a result of the XRPL Labs community suggestion board.

According to ZyCrypto:

“Wind announced on his Twitter page that a community fund suggestion board has been created for the XRP community that will accept public suggestions on projects that will increase XRP use for payments. Just as he funded the Woocommerce integration project through a bounty program, he is ready to fund projects that will be beneficial in this regard as well.”


“Members of the XRP community with suggestions will present such ideas before the community for screening and funding if successful. So far, three ideas are leading among those already suggested which include streaming XRP micropayments for software licenses, integrating XRP tipping with Stack Overflow and bringing XRP to e-commerce giant Shopify.”

Woocommerce integration could be the start of something very big here, with the community now given a big voice as a part of XRPL Labs. Could we see XRP adopted across more ecommerce platforms? Hopefully so!

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