Is Ripple’s XRP Headed For The 1 Dollar Price Mark?

Around a week ago many cryptocurrency enthusiasts were wondering why Ripple’s XRP was lagging behind while Bitcoin’s price was pumping. But over the last few days, altcoins have been soaring and XRP has been a top gainer. The price of XRP rose more than 30% in the last few days and hit $0.45. The surge marked XRP’s highest price since 2018.

A number of positive developments in the Ripple world mixed in with an overall sunny outlook for altcoins are thought to be the reasons for XRP’s recent upward action. News that the financial giant, Fidelity would start offering XRP trading for institutional investors was probably a contributing factor in XRP’s price pump.

Coinbase adding services for traders and investors in New York was also a key step for not only Ripple and XRP, but the entire crypto industry. New York is one of the financial hubs of the world, and regulars in the state have not exactly been open-minded when it comes to cryptocurrency.

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