Tron (TRX) has been listed in two more cryptocurrency exchanges. The popular virtual currency can now be traded using the Blockport and Scatter platforms. Both companies announced the information on Twitter.

Scatter and Blockport Add Support for Tron

Tron enthusiasts will be able to purchase this virtual currency in two more platforms, Scatter and Blockport. Although the cryptocurrency market is experiencing a very hard drop in the last hours, companies continue to grow their businesses.

Scatter is a recognized platform by the EOS community. It is the first wallet of EOS available in the market and the most widely used wallet for EOS. This shows that the company already has a very important reputation in the industry.

According to Justin Sun, Scatter is a secure multi-blockchain signature, identity and reputation desktop application.

Blockport’s official Twitter account has also announced Tron’s listing. It is possible to purchase Tron at the platform using the Euro gateway. European users are now capable of purchasing TRX tokens directly with Euros rather than with Bitcoin or other fiat currency.

The official announcement made by Blockport reads as follows:

“By means of this listing, Blockport users will be able to buy and sell TRX, one of the world’s leading cryptocurrencies, through our euro gateway. Of equal importance is that Tron’s European community will now have a direct access to the TRX token through our user-friendly exchange and trading platform.”

Blockport is a platform that has been specifically designed to be easy-to-use. It bridges the traditional world of finance with the new digital economy of virtual currencies. Users can buy, sell and hold virtual currencies using one of the largest and most valuable fiat currencies around the world, the Euro.

The exchange has also its own token known as Blockport token (BPT). It provides users with access to discounted trading fees and other ‘social trading’ features.

Tron is one of the largest and most popular virtual currencies in the market. At the time of writing, TRX is the 11th largest cryptocurrency. It has a market capitalization of $1.22 billion dollars and each token can be bought for $0.0185 dollars. In the last 24 hours, Tron lost 1.24% of its price. You can read more about Tron in this price analysis article.


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