Tech Firm DataArt To Build Blockchain Solutions On R3’s Corda Platform

Global technology consultancy firm DataArt is partnering with enterprise blockchain software firm R3 to develop innovative products and solutions on the Corda blockchain platform.

DataArt designs, develops and supports unique software solutions. It offers application development, requirements engineering, quality assurance, security testing, automated testing, usability testing, business process management, and user experience design services. It also offers a full suite of blockchain consulting services, including technology research, prototyping, development operationalization, and seamless integration of blockchain solutions into existing business processes. The company’s clients include Nasdaq, S&P, Travelport, Ocado, artnet, Betfair, and Apple Leisure Group, among others.

DataArt will be using the Corda blockchain platform to enhance blockchain management for its clients in the financial services and insurance sectors. The company said that it recently piloted a Corda-based distributed reinsurance/insurance contract management system for a major insurance company, which enables the sharing of policies, information, and lifecycle events in a standardized and trusted manner without human involvement. The Corda-based solution adds exceptional data quality and operational efficiency to the process of contract/events management.

“Our core expertise is delivering the highest-quality blockchain solutions in super complex and independent enterprise environments,” said Denis Baranov, Head of Blockchain Center of Excellence at DataArt. “Partnering with R3 is an important strategic alliance for DataArt in providing enterprise-grade blockchain solutions. The partnership strengthens our ability to help clients transform existing processes, increase transparency, and simplify dispute resolution by adopting distributed ledger technology. Corda has also helped us dramatically shorten our implementation timeline for blockchain projects.”

In addition to building blockchain systems on Corda, DataArt claims to have expertise in other blockchain technologies, such as ethereum, Hyperledger, EOS, and Waves. The company’s previous projects include a blockchain platform for a major exchange, an e-proxy voting system for a national settlement depository, and a proprietary crypto wallet for intra-company payments and transfers.

David E. Rutter, CEO of R3, said that DataArt’s deeper involvement in the Corda ecosystem is another sign that Corda is fast becoming the platform for the best companies interested in developing enterprise software on blockchain.

“The engagement of globally recognized firms, such as DataArt, is what makes the Corda community special as it utilizes the platform to develop innovative, efficient and effective solutions for businesses in every industry,” Rutter said.

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